Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paca Pearl 1

I intend this to be an ongoing series, but we will see. These take longer than it seems it should. This is sort of my first pass. I have visions for the intro in particular that haven't been done yet.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh my

It took me a second actually.

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

How the world works

If you take out the trash, but don't put a new bag in the trash can, you will be criticized more than if you did not take out the trash at all.

If you produce notes for class that are a bit brief, you are lazier than if you had produced no notes at all.

The conclusion is clear: Better to do nothing than something part-way.

(Practicing my cynicism.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Electric wheels

Here's yet another faulty idea. My understanding is that electricity is created by spinning a magnet around a wire. I just read a bunch of online sources, and they seem to say the same thing. If it's online, it must be true. All of the different sources of power that we talk about, such as wind, coal, gas, hydro, and geothermal all don't produce electricity directly. Instead, they are the power used to rotate the magnet in the turbine. The main word to concentrate on here is "rotate".

Next up, we have hybrid and electric cars, which always need to find a source of electricity. Now, cars have these four rotating things on them called wheels. Could one embed small electricity generating turbines in each wheel? Essentially, you'd be using the power of the engine to rotate the wheels and then using that wheel rotation to create some more electricity. I just did a bit of reading on turbines and my guess is you wouldn't get more than a few hundred watts out of this, while an electric motor takes thousands, so this would just be a small contributor to the whole electrical system of the car. Maybe you'd get one or two mpgs out of this, not much more. But hey, it's 2 mpgs.

Now, of course these wheel-encased turbines would weigh something and the engine will have to spend more power to make the car move with these heavy embedded turbines. Therefore, this would only be useful if the spinning wheels produced more electricity than the engine used turning the heavier wheels. Hmmm... Would it work?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Pics

We have returned from a week in Houston and Austin, visiting family not seen in many a year, and so here are some pics! These are shamelessly stolen from Friends on Facebook who posted these. We've got a bunch, too, but they are at home.

First up, me and the blushing bride, aka sis, aka Court, having a relaxing bite of food at the reception. Some people say the photos went too long and they got a bit famished, but the two of us surely didn't.

Next, we have the Family. Me, B, and N, along with Uncle J and Uncle B. We were staying at their home at the casita. They kindly even hosted the Easter Egg Hunt Sunday morning.

The Happy Couple

Me, B, and Sis more calmly at the rehearsal the day before. The wedding was done in a botanical garden in Austin.

Me and B with B livening up the pics with a charming expression and his kilt. Oddly, my mother and my sister's husbands were in kilts at their weddings, and yet our family isn't particularly Scottish.

And here we have B, the Bubble Girl, and my nephew doing their bubble and ring burier duties. They were to carry the rings in a little basket the stuffed duck was holding. Someone wisely changed that plan and kept the rings on the Best Man. Since 4-year-old nephew was flinging his duck in a circle as he walked, that was a good call. B, however, didn't know about the switch and spent most of the ceremony declaring this was just practice and not real since his duck lacked a ring.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Pho and Texas

Bad News first. I spent this weekend making homemade Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup. I was boiling bones for hours on end, following actual recipes, using the Pho seasoning packet that I had to go to two different grocery stores to buy, and then had it for lunch today. Bland at best; possibly bitter. Bah!

Good news. I and the whole family are headed off to Austin, TX this Tuesday night. We will be gone from Hawaii for exactly one week. It's my sister's wedding and B is a ring burier, as he says, and I'm walking the sis down the aisle. It's a big deal for family reasons apart from the wedding. I haven't seen my sister, brother, or father since we moved here in 2004. Never met my nephew. So off we go!

Catch you on the other side!