Monday, April 06, 2009

Pho and Texas

Bad News first. I spent this weekend making homemade Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup. I was boiling bones for hours on end, following actual recipes, using the Pho seasoning packet that I had to go to two different grocery stores to buy, and then had it for lunch today. Bland at best; possibly bitter. Bah!

Good news. I and the whole family are headed off to Austin, TX this Tuesday night. We will be gone from Hawaii for exactly one week. It's my sister's wedding and B is a ring burier, as he says, and I'm walking the sis down the aisle. It's a big deal for family reasons apart from the wedding. I haven't seen my sister, brother, or father since we moved here in 2004. Never met my nephew. So off we go!

Catch you on the other side!


writtenwyrdd said...

How wonderful! I hope you have a lovely time. And I look forward to the pictures you're no doubt going to share when you return.

Ello said...

Ooooooh, I love pho! I'm pretty amazed that you even tried to make it cause it is pretty hard!

And have wonderful time!!

Sarah Laurenson said...

I love Austin. All micro-breweries and indie music. Oh, and the naked beach at the lake. It's an oasis of liberalism in a conservative land.

Hope you have a blast and so glad you're getting to spend some time with family.

And getting to walk her down the aisle? Awesome!

pjd said...

Safe travels!

Courtney said...

w00t!!! yeppers, my bro is walking me down the aisle! b will bring us some rings and the best part, all of us together again!!!!

McKoala said...

Have a ball, Paca clan. Particularly Courtney!

Robin S. said...

Have a wonderful time!

It will be amazing meeting a little nephew you've never seen before.