Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Pics

We have returned from a week in Houston and Austin, visiting family not seen in many a year, and so here are some pics! These are shamelessly stolen from Friends on Facebook who posted these. We've got a bunch, too, but they are at home.

First up, me and the blushing bride, aka sis, aka Court, having a relaxing bite of food at the reception. Some people say the photos went too long and they got a bit famished, but the two of us surely didn't.

Next, we have the Family. Me, B, and N, along with Uncle J and Uncle B. We were staying at their home at the casita. They kindly even hosted the Easter Egg Hunt Sunday morning.

The Happy Couple

Me, B, and Sis more calmly at the rehearsal the day before. The wedding was done in a botanical garden in Austin.

Me and B with B livening up the pics with a charming expression and his kilt. Oddly, my mother and my sister's husbands were in kilts at their weddings, and yet our family isn't particularly Scottish.

And here we have B, the Bubble Girl, and my nephew doing their bubble and ring burier duties. They were to carry the rings in a little basket the stuffed duck was holding. Someone wisely changed that plan and kept the rings on the Best Man. Since 4-year-old nephew was flinging his duck in a circle as he walked, that was a good call. B, however, didn't know about the switch and spent most of the ceremony declaring this was just practice and not real since his duck lacked a ring.


Emily A. said...

Cute pictures; B looks awesome in a kilt :)

McKoala said...

Congrats, brother of the bride! Where's your kilt?

Sarah Laurenson said...

Wonderful pics! And yeah - your kilt? At the cleaners?

pacatrue said...

Well, as a linguist and knowing a bit about the history of English, I'm well aware of the fact that the word kilt and skirt are in fact the same word with slight modifications, and you aren't getting me in no skirt!

And, um, my sis told me what to wear.

pjd said...

And, um, my sis told me what to wear.LOL. We've all been there, my friend. Great snaps. Looks like a lovely time.

fairyhedgehog said...

Lovely photos!

But what's wrong with men in skirts?

pjd said...

But what's wrong with men in skirts?Clearly you've not been keeping up with Jana and Aerin on my Facebook status about French fashion.

Chris Eldin said...

I am seriously freaked out that nobody in your family has a llama resemblence.


Many congratulations!!! (and you are a thin dude for someone who enjoys food as much as you do!)

Courtney said...

whats sad though, i never had a single bit of food. that picture was the closest i ever got. thats a good question, brother where was ur kilt?

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

Kilts in Texas? Who knew!?

Paca, you look just like my funeral director friend Brent.

Ello said...


Great pics! I especially love that first one! Your sis seems like a blast and she is stunning!