Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the Good

Now that you are all nauseated by Sweet Sue's delicious roasted chicken meal, I will post some food that I actually thought was pretty good. That's because I made it, naturally.

Picture this: Mother's Day. Paca needs to create something that N will particularly like, so he lists things in that category. Bernaise sauce, salmon, capers, tomatoes, crepes.... Maybe I can make salmon bernaise crepes. So I did. I actually got lucky because when I bought the bernaise sauce package, McCormick's, it had a recipe for tomato caper bernaise salmon, so I got to combine my ideas and theirs. Yes, I could have made the bernaise from scratch, since it's just eggs and butter, but that takes serious attention and I didn't have time for that kind of attention.

To start, make the crepes. You can actually do this the night before and then reheat them in the morning. I had a plan to do that, but, um, didn't. So everyone just had to wait.

The crepe batter is pretty simple. You can just do a cup of flour and a cup of milk. You can add in a bit of melted butter if it pleases you. You can also make a batter with flour, water, and a couple eggs. To make the crepe sweet, add in a couple tablespoons of sugar. You can also flavor the crepes by stirring in some sort of herb, such as dill weed. The recipe in these pictures is just milk and flour.

The batter should be thin enough so that you can whirl it around the skillet to make a nice flat crepe the size of the skillet. Of course, it shouldn't fall apart either. To cook, put a little oil or butter in.

Pour some batter in and whirl it around in the pan to cover the bottom. After waiting just a little bit, pry the edges up with a fork. Not always necessary, but it helps keep the crepe from sticking. Same thing as an omelet, except this goes much faster. Wait a bit more. Perhaps shake the pan back and forth in short motions so that the crepe slides around a bit. Wait a bit more and then flip to the other side. A crepe shouldn't take more than a minute.

OK, so make a bunch of crepes, placing each on on a plate in a stack. They will keep each other warm pretty well, but you could keep them warm in an oven, too. Now make the filling:

First you dice a little onion:

And bake some salmon. (Do this actually before or while making crepes, since it takes about 20 minutes.)

Dice up some tomato and then add the onion, tomato, and a bit of butter to a pot and cook until onions are transparent.

Follow the recipe for the bernaise sauce package. At the end, toss in a bunch of capers.

Now, just assemble the crepes. Use a fork to put the salmon in pieces. Pour some sauce over it.

Roll it up and put a little more sauce on for appearance.

Ta-daaa. Mother's Day breakfast with salmon caper crepes in bernaise sauce.

It's easy to do dessert crepes, too. For instance, here we have banana crepes with whipped cream.

Make the dessert crepes the same was as before but add in some melted butter and sugar to the batter. Do this early enough that the crepes will be cool before eating. If they are still warm, they will melt the whipped cream, ruining the idea. Next, fry up a couple bananas with 2-3 TBs of butter in a skillet and maybe a bit of brown sugar though that's optional. Slice up a third banana, but don't cook it. Roll a mix of the cooked and uncooked bananas inside the crepe and then put the whipped cream on top. One of these is pretty hardy actually. OK, I ate two.


Chris Eldin said...

I'm seriously glad you didn't work the canned chicken into this meal!

McKoala said...

Holy yum, Batpaca. May have to make.

sylvia said...

Yum! You are officially forgiven for the chicken photos!

Robin S. said...

Good-looking stuff!