Monday, May 11, 2009

Apparently, not swine flu

The old H1N1 flu is at UH with a small number of confirmed cases. Since we flew to Texas right around the outbreak, now a month ago, it's been on my mind. And so today I was sitting in the lab and just started feeling bad. Kind of nauseous, felt like my heart was going fast, a little clammy. Nothing severe at all, but just not right.

After about an hour of this, I decided to take all my signs down and leave. I called N to see if she could pick up B because, well I knew I didn't have the swine flu but I still didn't want to go into a room with 150 elementary school kids just to be safe. So I went to N's work (one car and I had it) and picked her up. On the way, I decided why not: I know I don't have swine flu and this is all a waste of time, but I'll just have N drop me by the urgent care clinic on the way and they can check me out.

Went on in and talked about my heart racing a bit.

Pulse: 80-something, which is super normal.

Well, my blood pressure was high once when I took it at the drug store

Blood pressure: 120 over 80.

Breathe deep. Sounds fine. Breathe normal. Sounds fine.

Well, doctor, I almost coughed once on that deep breath.


Maybe you have a cold coming on. Maybe you're just tired. Take some cold medicine if you need it.

Sigh... no swine flu. No quarantines or social isolation. No worrying about whether I've infected others. The only person I've infected is N. She might get tired too, since I often leave the light on when she's trying to sleep.

And so back to school tomorrow. I have a feeling I've got a new note in my file at the clinic: hypochondriac.


fairyhedgehog said...

It's much better to check it out and find it's not swine flu than to keep going and risk infecting everyone else.

writtenwyrdd said...

The incubation period is long past (as you are aware, I can see) for N1H1 but it still has to be a thought in a person's mind. Glad you are just a little off so you'll soon be back to normal.

Chris Eldin said...

Swine flu is particularly deadly to pacas, so I'm glad you're okay. But I am not convinced you're safe from the paca flu, so be careful.

Robin S. said...

Better to be safe than sorry- especially with a little guy at home.