Thursday, May 28, 2009

homologous habitus

I just read the following sentence:

Moreover, as in the case of homologous habitus reflecting similarities in the objective conditions of existence, so interlocuters' repertories of frames will only overlap to the extent that their past experience overlaps.

Beautiful stuff.

Translation: If two people have similar backgrounds, their expectations when talking will be similar, too.

This is actually a very good paper, but the sentence almost sounds like a spell from Harry Potter. Homologous Habitus!


Ello said...

If that's English then me no speak English.

Sarah Laurenson said...


pjd said...

The guy writing the paper must have been paid by the syllable. I wonder why he used such a pedestrian word as "past" when he had the perfectly good "historical" at his disposal?

Early in my career, I ran a software company's documentation department. One guy on my team wrote this beautiful sentence:

The function POPIN_POPOUT pops in popped out popouts and pops out popped in popouts.

It brought a tear to my eye.

Anonymous said...

I think that homologous habitus could be the answer to the "what to you do" question from the PhD comic