Sunday, May 03, 2009

thank you or no?

About three years ago, I posted a story online which has been relatively popular. No, you cannot read it. (Sorry, don't mean to be mean, but yeah....) Anyway, I got a little email from someone today which was very nice, saying they liked the story. Actually, saying they liked the story in rather extraordinary terms. They talked about how this was the first time they've ever written to an author, but it was just so so moving. And ended it with please respond.

Typically, I would send a nice thank you message and then move on. I really do appreciate kind words like this and that they took their time to read a silly story of mine.

However, this email address rung a bell and so I did a search for it in my Inbox. This person has sent me 4 different emails about this story, two of which state that it's the first time they've ever written an author. They wrote me twice in 2006 about the story. Again, in 2008, and now in 2009.

So, do I just have a very forgetful fan, in which case I will send a thank you note (the previous three emails all got thank yous), or do I have a stalker, in which case I perhaps shouldn't encourage them? I don't think I will be mean enough to forward the previous first time ever letter to them.

Please advise.


moonrat said...


i think maybe don't respond.

i mean, if your fan is forgetful (best case scenario), maybe they'll forget that you rudely haven't replied. heh.

Sarah Laurenson said...

I agree with Moonie. It is weird, but sometimes people do forget. Dunno. Seems extremely slow for a true stalker.

pacatrue said...

I'm not really worried about an actual stalker, of course. The story and the email are anonymous. Not even the pacatrue account. But the person adds their full name, making me worry that they want some sort of relationship.

Chris Eldin said...

I wouldn't reply. Whenever your internal radar starts buzzing, you have to pay attention. Something about this is making you uncomfortable, so I'd leave this alone.

writtenwyrdd said...

I would go with the non response, because asking for a response is rude, and this person is weird if they think they are not going to be remembered from the other emails.

As far as you being anonymous goes, they can likely track you on Facebook via the links and friends lists of your blog friends like me. Not hard.

That's just a strange thing, though, having someone write four times about the same thing. Likely harmless but mildly disturbing.

McKoala said...

I could say many things, but I think I'll back up the moony one. Time for a tactful silence.

katze said...

I concur with Chris Eldin 100%. It could just be a very forgetful fan, but the situation seems too weird for me. It's almost as if they want to force some sort of response, which is oddly needy/ controlling.

Robin S. said...

I say no response.

If you're concerned enough to 'think again', I'd say you have good radar, and listen to it.

sylvia said...

Check the timestamp - is it late at night, after maybe a bit too much wine? My guess is your fan maybe mailed you due to an overly melancholy mood and forgot the previous time(s) due to a similar state of inebriation?

Regardless, I think I would still not respond.