Thursday, May 07, 2009

Underdogs and Girls Basketball

Terrific article on the above two topics. I really think its life lesson cannot be underestimated. Emotional IQ is at least as important as intellectual IQ in the real world. It's a place I've suffered.

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pjd said...

Great article, thanks for the link. I think it makes a terrific point about how effort can trump ability, but I think it's also missing a critical nuance that is actually quoted in one of the Lawrence quotes.

Lawrence talks not about being the underdog but about what his unit's strengths were. He then recognized that he should be playing from his strengths, not the Turks' strengths. That led to different tactics.

Looking at Pitino and the coaches who tried but failed to learn his press--they had a different problem. Pitino knew how to recruit kids that would be good in the press as he ran it. He matched strengths--attitude, hustle, long arms, athleticism--with his system. The other coaches would come in thinking (wrongly) that the press is simply a tactic and that anyone "with the right attitude" can do it. Then they went home and realized that they couldn't do it with the kids they had on hand, and they didn't know how to recruit kids that would be good at it. Their whole lives they had learned how to recruit and coach traditionally. It wasn't so much that playing the press was daunting in terms of how much effort it would take--it also did not match their own strengths.

So I think that yes, effort can overcome lack of ability in many situations. It's the great American story, right? But you also have to be cognizant of what you are good at and leverage that to the utmost. Simply taking another David's tactics and trying them yourself might not work.

Anyway, terrific article. Thanks for posting.