Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Useless subject headings

The paper that I am writing with a co-author about Korean is being done almost entirely through gmail chat sessions. We used to meet in person when she was still in the same country, but that's been 2 years now.

One nice gmail feature is that it can save your chat sessions, which has been very useful for us, since I hate taking notes. One problem, however, is that it records the subject of your chats with the last few lines of the chat session. This makes sense in theory, but it yields the most useless subject headings ever. Here are the last 5 subject headings from out chats (with C-A subbed in for coauthor's name:

1) me: bye C-A: bye C-A: me too me: ok, good night
2) C-A: bye me: bye me: I will write if I can C-A
3) me: good night C-A: good night C-A: I will
4) C-A: good bye me: good night me: yes C-A: definitely
5) me: bye C-A bye

Enlightening, no? I know exactly where to look for something now. I think they'd do better to grab any random 3 lines in the middle.


Sammy Jankis said...

Perhaps at the end of each session one of you should type a meaningful subject head before logging out, yes?

Sarah Laurenson said...

That was my thought, too.

"So nice to discuss cabbage diseases with you."

Ello said...

hey you're the linguistics guy, maybe they can be code?