Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wise Koala

Today is King Kamehameha Day, which is a state holiday. So what am I doing to celebrate? I had my last wisdom tooth removed of course! Much pain. Much fever. Much narcotics that don't seem particularly effective.

So, to take my mind off things, does anyone have recommendations for what I should do in Australia next month? You don't have to have lived or visited. Anything you've heard of doing, I welcome hearing about.


McKoala said...

Come to Sydney and see me! Oh, yes, and we've got this quite famous bridge thing. There's a bit of an opera house too. And this water they call a harbour.

As for Melbourne, I have been there, but can't remember the name of anything I saw. It was that impactful.

Robin S. said...

You should see McK!! And take pictures and post them so we can say hi to you guys, vicariously speaking.

Precie said...

Yikes on the wisdom tooth. Speedy recovery vibes going out to you!

As for Australia...ditto what McK and Robin said! Also, since I have no concept of Australian geography, there's the Great Barrier Reef. Could be kinda interesting, right? :)

Sammy Jankis said...

You should definitely swim on the Great Barrier Reef. Maybe you could spot a Great White?

writtenwyrdd said...

Depends where you are headed to. I say hang with the koala and do all the local touristy things you hear about from the locals.

Hope the tooth heals up fast.

Anonymous said...

Uh - you mean you're not going to spend the whole time drinking in the sight of the amazing, goddess-like McK?

Totally touristy, but I loved doing the Bridge walk. But I'm afraid of heights, so it was a personal thing for me, too.

The Aquarium on Darling Harbor is fun - it's the only time I got to see a platypus.

There's a sweet little tea room somewhere in the Blue Mountains but I totally cannot remember where.

We loved northern Territory; Uluru's fine, but King's Canyon was amazing - the hiking, the wildlife, the water holes tucked in here and there.

Anonymous said...

Hey paca - before you go, make sure to read Bill Bryson's In a Sunburned Country.