Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Lion head on tree

Lion head on tree? New exhibit at MOMA?

You never know, but not yet.

A couple years ago when N was away for a business trip, B and I hatched a crafts project. In general, I don't do craft projects. That's entirely N's responsibility. But B was into Chinese lion dancing at the time, so I decided the two of us would create a lion costume. I knew I couldn't create a real one nor did I have enough money to do so, so instead we devised an idea where we'd cover ourselves in Hawaiian aloha fabrics and then the person in front would hold a lion head made of cardboard on a stick.

The two of us in fact did make the lion head through paints and scissors, but never actually got around to sewing together the fabric we purchased, largely because I don't know how to sew and I got lazy. So the only lion dancing we did was in just one piece of fabric on top of us with the sides never attached.

The lion head then sat around for months on end, finally ending up near the garbage cans getting rained on, and the fabric got turned into some curtains by N and her maman. Last night I finally took the lion head to the street to have it taken away by the garbage trucks.

This morning I went out to bring the garbage can back in and discovered this:

It appears that someone pulled the lion head out of the garbage can, and then tied it to the palm tree near our house using the straps that cinch a garbage bag together, having pulled them out of some bag. It's possible that the garbage collector guys were in a fun mood, but more likely, it was one of the people who go through trash every night looking for 5 cent recyclable bottles and cans.


writtenwyrdd said...

so the question is do we have passive-agressive art display or spontaneous lion dancing garbage men?

blogless troll said...

The lion looks happy. You should leave it there.

pacatrue said...

Oh, I'm definitely leaving it there for a while. Besides you never want to anger the garbage men... or the bottle collectors.

Robin S. said...

I'd leave that head there. It looks cool - like a pagan shrine or something. Maybe, like WW said,there really ARE lion-dancing garbage men,..ya never know.

Sammy Jankis said...

It looks to me like the mob is trying to send someone a message.

Sarah Laurenson said...

An art lover expressing their need to save the art world.

Fun lion head.