Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Most Important Event in America

The most important event in America is this flap between a cop and a yelling professor in Cambridge. The. most. important. thing. I am happy that our media and government are focusing their energies so continuously on this event.

Not as important as Michael Jackson, but really damn important.

Sarcasm is evident, right?

I can sum up my views on the case in three words.



pjd said...

I understand there is HUGE controversy because, for the "beer summit" at the White House, Obama has selected foreign beer rather than gool ole fashion 'murkin beer, or craft brews from the USA.

blogless troll said...

I see they didn't invite the woman who made the 911 call and got dragged through the mud as a result. Maybe none of them are racist, just sexist.

If I was a beer company, I'm not sure I'd want my brand associated with this.

Precie said...

So you're saying you don't want to know how beer sales will be affected by today's presidential happy hour? Or which of the beers mentioned will garner the highest spike in sales? (My guess? Blue Moon.) Oy. Dammit, you can't make me care about the beer.

I have found some of the recent NPR talk on the subject of race interesting, but it goes beyond the basic "who is to blame for the Gates arrest" question.

Sarah Laurenson said...

But we only care about wealthy, well-educated African Americans who get belligerent and wrongly arrested and the white cops who go overboard and arrest them without using a taser.

Hm. Sounds boring as hell to me.

writtenwyrdd said...

I have to agree with the sarcasm, Paca. Today's "beer summit" is the first thing (other than the "stupid" comment the other day) which the prez has done which I found appalling.

Of course prejudice is a Bad Thing; but it seems like both parties contributed to this arrest. That makes it less than exemplary as a focus for the problem. Besides, like Sarah hints, the issues of money and who you know seem to be more prominent than race regarding this matter now. (Certainly not when the confrontation on Gate's front porch occurred; but certainly now!)

Robin S. said...

I can't see the videos or links. Dammit.

But I don't need to see the pictures to know I'm right there with you in spirit.

pacatrue said...

Sorry, robin s, for the confusion. There's no videos or links. That's supposed to be "expressive spacing."

Chris Eldin said...

I'm with you on this one.

What happened to the Health Care discussion?

Robin S. said...

Oh, sorry Paca. Gotcha.