Thursday, July 09, 2009

Off to the Land Down Under

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Oz. Since there's a 20 hour difference between Hawaii and Sydney, the 11 hour flight will turn into a 31 hour flight, getting me in Saturday evening. The good news is I arrive about 10 hours before I leave on the way back. I'm taking my laptop, so I might be around. But then I might not.

I guess I will have pics of both Australia and Kaua'i when I return the following Sunday.

Take care.

Oh, and Yes! I am scheduled to meet Ms. Koala and Mr. Koala for lunch on Sunday.


fairyhedgehog said...

Hope you have a wonderful time. Are you calling in on McKoala while you're there?

Robin S. said...


Please take pics of your Koala fam visit. We'd love to see you all drinking wine and having a big time. Or eating pie. Or something.

sylvia said...


blogless troll said...

Have fun, and eat a vegemite sandwich for me.

And if you hear the thunder, you better run, you better take cover.

Robin S. said...

Hope you're having a blast!

Robin S. said... the land down under...