Friday, July 24, 2009

Social occasion!

JaneyV and I had the exact same idea on the same day, or at least we went to post about it the exact same day.

The "minions-but-not-Minions(TM)" site on ning, created by the lovely Aerin, has a Chat facility. This means that we could actually get together and talk a little bit every once in a while, and not in a "refresh the 200 entry comment trail over and over" way.

I had in mind a simple social occasion. JaneyV had in mind something actually productive, like assistance with writing. Either way is worth a try. Anyone interested?

The really impossible thing is going to be a time. Here's how bad our time zones are:

When it is 9:00 AM in Hawaii, it is:

12:00 PM (noon) on the U.S. West Coast
3:00 PM on the U.S. East Coast
8:00 PM in London
9:00 PM in Madrid
5:00 AM the next day in Sydney.

If we try to meet in the morning my time, it's in the middle of the night in Australia. If we try to meet around noon my time, it's 8:00 AM in Sydney, which might be okay, but 11:00 pm or midnight in Western Europe, and if we meet in the late evening my time, it's (crap, my head just exploded), um, in the middle of the night for the rest of the U.S., but decent times in Europe and Australia.

My only solution is to alternate times, so that different groups can join in on different days.

Anyway, is there any interest in a Chat session? I suppose, leave a comment on the Minions-but-not-Minions(TM) web site under JaneyV's post there. Once we see who is interested, then we start the great time debate. Of course, people can show up at any time on that site and chat away. The point of this is just to organize things so that someone else actually shows up.

For the first session, the topic can simply be the new name of the site?

Or maybe it should be, "The Knights who say Ning"


McKoala said...

You and Janey, separated at birth.

Time permitting, I'm game for a chat at some point.

fairyhedgehog said...

I'd like to chat too. I hate that whole "refresh" thing. I'm sure we can work out two or three times that will catch all of us - even if that means that we're not all on at the same time. It'll be like: A and B on together, and B and C, and C and A. We'll all talk to everyone but maybe not simultaneously.

I liked Jane's suggestion of "Scribblers".

writtenwyrdd said...

A chat would be fun, but I do like the idea of writing work as well. Seeing as there's a huge diff in the time zones, we would need to shift the times so that no one person suffers with an awkward time, I think.

I pretty much can't participate unless it's my day off (which is unpredictable) or it's 6pm or later my time. But I would like to participate!

Sarah Laurenson said...

I'm going to have to say, best of luck - another time (hah) perhaps.

There are not enough hours in my day. Ever. And I'm trying to figure out what else I can cut out of my life. It's not pretty.

Chris Eldin said...

Hi Paca,

I've been back to this post a couple of times. I think it's a terrific idea, but unfortunately for me I can't schedule anything during the summer---our lives are pretty random anyway, but much more so in the summer.
If you do this in the fall, can you please keep me in the loop? It sounds fun! I'm always up for a blogtail partay!