Monday, August 03, 2009

Prove it!

I have until Friday to convince my chair the dissertation is going somewhere interesting. After that, it's committee time.

Fun fun!

And if you think my chair is tough, you should talk to my table (he says with his best Groucho Marx impression).


McKoala said...

Har har. And then there's the carpet. Upon which you will be if you don't convince well.

(As in carpeted. Get it? Was it even funny? No, it's OK, no need to answer that...)

pacatrue said...

I don't know, McK. Were you wearing a mustache when you said it? It's all in the delivery.

Precie said...


Good luck!

Robin S. said...

Go, paca, go! You can do it. Convince away, Dr. P.

McKoala said...

Big mustache. Handlebar number.

Precie said...

Needless to say, keep us updated on this situation, eh?

Precie said... no news good news? I hope so.