Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random idea number one billion

Yet another random idea.

You know how a blogger named Julie (something, yes I could google it) fixed every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook, later wrote a book about it, and then it got turned into a movie? There are similar other stories of someone doing something exhaustively: living biblically for a year, living on so odd many dollars, etc., etc.

Well, after I brought you that delicious "chicken in a can", I thought, hey, each week I should try some new thing at the store. Something dubious. Not necessarily gross, just doubtful. So I bought some kippers, those little fish in a tin. In many places, those are still eaten regularly, but I myself have never opened a can of sardines, kippers, or any tinned fish.

Um, they're still in that tin, though.

Anyway, after hearing about Julie and Julia, I declared that I would:


Notice the big font with the big concept. Then I remembered that there are things like $75 bottles of balsamic vinegar and the like, so the new concept became:


I think about it some. But there are practical problems:

1) there must be 50,000 things in a modern American grocery store. What should the actual scale be?
2) How do I keep a list to see what I've done? And they change things. I was wondering if I could get Safeway to sponsor me. Hee hee. Seriously, though, if there was a very popular blog featuring the foods and variety of a brand every few days, that seems worth something.
3) I need to figure out better photography.

Maybe I should just start with the fruits and vegies. I've eaten the same 5 vegetables for 35 years.

But I do have a name for this amazing blog.


There's a family story there. Smoochie was my grandmother and she told the story each holiday for years. As her mental abilities declined later, she would often tell the story several times in a single meal. The story is simply that my older brother was being picky about foods and not eating this or that. In Smoochie's words: "And Paca just go soooo disgusted with Pacabro that he said, "smoochie, I'll eat ANYthing."

The thing is that I don't. I'm only not picky compared to some incredibly picky siblings. Different types of chicken breast were beyond the pale for PacaBro. In fact, however, I eat the same collection of foods over and over again. I have no idea what to do with a dragon fruit, for instance. Entire sections of vegetables that look shady have never crossed the threshold of my lips.

So there's the latest dumb idea. Advice appreciated.


Emily E. Albarillo said...

What about trying all the fresh food (or even all the fruits/veggie) in Chinatown? There's so much down there I don't even know the name of.

Robin S. said...

I LOVE that name, Smoochie, I'll Eat Anything...and I think you could marry that with freakout pics like the chicken in a can deal that was so creepy it looked like you were about to eat an alien. I'm talking weird-ET.

What about (blank)-in-a-can being the decider here? You know, the stuff you can find in odd grocery stores - the kinda tacky ones.

Aggiedoone said...

Dragon fruit is delicious! that's an easy one to start with :)

Precie said...

A couple of years ago someone pointed me to a blog by some guy about random weird food he tried...ah, here...the Steve, Don't Eat That series.

Funny as it sometimes is, I like your idea better. More positive. Less xenophobic.

McKoala said...

I'd read that !

pacatrue said...

Emily, that's a good idea. I'd have to get some help so I could even tell people what I was eating. Still, even more new things for me to learn there, I think.

Robin, yeah, that was on freaky thing in a can. There's an alien who pops out of a TV Dinner in an old ZZ Top video. Reminded me of that.

Aggiedoone, I just want to say, "hey aggiedoone!" been a while since you visited. I will have to eat some dragon fruit in your honor.

Precie, yeah, I explicitly want to avoid making it be a "eat all the weird stuff you can" thing. It's just to try all the neat things that are around us that we are too stuck in a rut or afraid to try. Oooh, book theme!

McK, I'll put you down for one copy.

fairyhedgehog said...

It sounds like fun.

Chris Eldin said...

LOVE it!!!

Seriously fun!!

I remember feeding sardines to Thing 1 when he was 7 months old. I had a craving, so I shared some of my lunch. He actualy liked them! They were the kind in mustard sauce.

writtenwyrdd said...

That might be amusing. But, if you're going to base your experiment on what's at the supermarket, I'd suggest something besides just using/eating everything in it; I'd suggest doing something unusual with it. I wouldn't suggest finding kinky uses for everything (although that might be an amusing thing to read about) but if you just sought an alternative use for every item in the store, you might have something really appealing!

Chris Eldin said...

I clicked on Precie's link, and I think Paca can do WAY better!

Precie said...

It's just to try all the neat things that are around us that we are too stuck in a rut or afraid to try.

Seriously. Excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

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