Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dress Like a Pirate Day

20 years ago next Spring, I was a 16 year old senior in high school and I appeared in our Spring production of the Pirates of Penzance. I was a lovely pirate in Act I and a policeman in Act II. A friend of mine posted some pics of that production on Facebook, and I've charmingly stolen them and posted them here. I am pretty sure I have the exact same pictures stored in a warehouse in Louisiana.

That's me with the black pirate hat right in the middle of the boat with the arm in the air. I believe the lovely pirate ship had just rolled on stage and the Pirate King in shadow behind me will soon sing, "For I am a Pirate Kiiiinnnnggggg!"

And here I am with our hero, Frederick. The person playing Frederick went on to a substantial career in theater, such as helping found 2nd Generation in NY, and I've talked about him in the past.


Robin S. said...

Very cool! The paca pics and the whole stupendous thing - friend included. Thanks for showing us!

Peter Dudley said...

A ha! Well done. Isn't it fun to find old pictures like that? September 19 must bring back memories every year.