Friday, September 04, 2009

Yurihwa 유 리 화

I think I got my Hangul right there, but I can't quite see it clearly.... Anyway, I have finally finished watching my first ever Korean drama, i.e., soap opera. Yurihwa or Stained Glass. I think I watched Episode 1 sometime in June and just watched Episode 18, the last, tonight.

For those new to K-drama, they are not quite like any format on U.S. television that I'm aware of. They're many episodes long, 15, 20, 30, so much longer than a miniseries, but they don't go on forever like an American soap opera. Instead there's one story that takes place over 20 hours.

In this one, I got to watch the travails of Ji-Soo, Dong-Wu, and Gi-Tae in a long and dramatic love triangle. Is Dongwu the arrogant rich jerk that he shows when he's in Japan as Yuichi, or is he the kind, loyal, and romantic Dongwu in Korea? Will Ji-Soo choose Gi-Tae, the friend who's been by her side for years taking care of her after he parents died when she was a teen, or Dong-Wu, the new man that she can't stop thinking about? And do we really know who Dong-Wu is anyway? Secrets abound! Coincidences coincidence! And what of her father.....

You get the idea. Here's a video containing various clips from about the first 5 episodes.

Many people say that this is not the best of K-drama. My co-author really enjoyed one called, in English Palace or Princess Diaries or something similar. You can get them from Netflix if you've got 20 hours to spend.

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Monkey Mama said...

It cracks me up, how similar we are despite different traditions and cultures.

Look at you and I for instance. We may like different foods, but we both love fur. Lots of fur...