Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dubious concoctions - Goldfish tenderloin

Several weeks ago, we had these pork tenderloins. They always come two in a package. I had cooked both the first night and so later in the week it was time for the second one as leftover. I didn't want to have the exact same thing, so... I had this idea.

N invented Cheez-It Chicken several years ago. You basically crush the Cheez-It crackers into crumbs and then use them like bread crumbs. So I figured I would try to do this but with a pork tenderloin.

Unfortunately, we didn't have Cheez-Its; we only had Goldfish crackers. But those are cheese crackers, right? So same diff.

Except that we only had rainbow colored Goldfish crackers.

However, I was not to be daunted, so I crushed them all up. Dipped the already cooked tenderloin in some sour cream, stuck it in a bag with the smushed Goldfish crackers, and then fried it up in a skillet with some oil.


It wasn't that bad actually, though I don't think this is a recipe anyone needs to recreate. It certainly looked... interesting, however.


Robin S. said...

Gives 'taste the rainbow' a whole new meaning!

It's pretty, paca. Did B like it?

Sarah Laurenson said...


Both you and Robin. Oh my. I really needed a laugh this morning, too.

Bet kids would think it was cool.

sylvia said...

Haha! It actually sort of looks like our goldfish food, if I left it out in the damp to congeal.

That probably isn't helping.