Saturday, November 28, 2009

In the be careful what you say department

Yesterday N and B went out to buy Christmas hats and glow sticks for our upcoming march in the Kaimuki Christmas Parade with the Cub Scouts. B ended up with a hat with fake elf ears and so he was pretending to be a Christmas Elf during dinner. I told him he should be careful at the Parade because he looked so much like an elf that Santa might think he really was an elf and take him off to the North Pole.

At the parade last night then, we watched the various high school bands, the military band, the two semis for Ohana Concrete Pouring, some clowns, etc. Suddenly B rips off my and his Christmas hat and hides behind N. Apparently, Santa was coming on his fire truck and B didn't want to be taken away.

So he spent much of the time of Santa's passing cowering behind his mom so he wasn't swept off to build toys in Santa's Slave Elf factories.



Robin S. said...

Oh! Little sweetie!

pjd said...

This is both hilarious and tragic. I guess most kids think of Santa's workshop as a nice place to visit, but...

writtenwyrdd said...

Ooops! You can chalk this up to a random comment that scars your kid forever. I guarantee he'll be mentioning it every Christmas until he's got kids his own age. I do that to my mother, anyhow. :)

He'll also remember you explaining that wasn't how you meant it, so it'll blow over.