Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not learning

A couple of days ago a 20-something year-old man here on Oahu was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He had been racing his car around 100 miles per hour on suburban streets when he lost control, killing one of his friends in the car and disabling another for life.

Yesterday Cincinatti Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry fell out of a pickup truck and this morning he died.

Yesterday a 4-year-old on Oahu was struck and killed by a car.

And last night, some of my neighbors came flying around the driveway in a pick-up truck, swinging the back around as hard as they could like they were doing stunts in a movie for a thrill - with several people in the back. I heard a woman almost in dry heaves she was so panicked that she was going to die. It took her about 2 minutes before she could regain control of her breath to get out of the pickup's bed.

And of course the driver and his buddy thought it was all awesome.


pjd said...

I had not heard about Chris Henry. The 4-year-old story is truly tragic. The 20-something is lucky he did not also kill one or more pedestrians or other drivers.

Hopefully the people who were in the back of your neighbor's pickup will realize what idiots they are and stop riding in their truck.

And I hope your kids always stay safe. Teach them well about street safety and insist on diligence.

Robin S. said...

The thing is, so many people are stupid, and not just about driving. It does take me aback sometimes as I drive into work, how many people I can pick out who are about to screw up...and yep...they do. If they were just gonna kill themselves alone, it wouldn't piss me off so much.

writtenwyrdd said...

If I was the unwilling thrill seeker in the back of the truck, I'd have put a hurt on that driver. So not funny. And the child's death is terrible.

I don't feel bad when people off themselves out of stupidity, but I get so angry when they risk or take others' lives.