Monday, December 28, 2009

Reviewing 2009

Each year I come up with yearly goals with little consideration and reason and post them to this blog. Time to review the junk I posted last year and see how I did.

1) Finish Dissertation. OK, no. Working on it. I won't say more or I will go into a dissertation on the dissertation's state.
2) Submit 2nd paper with J-W. Actually did this. Check!
3) 25 minute 5K. I was running again for the first half of the year or so, but it's been sporadic to non-existent this second half. Try agin next year.
4) Average 7 hours of sleep per diem. At night. Falling asleep on the floor of an office doesn't count. Hmm... Probably not, but could be 6 and a half or so.
5) More recipes! I think I did this. I haven't posted as many, but I've been cooking.
6) Read two fiction novels. I actually think I did this, but I'd have to scour around to figure out what they were. Pretty sure. Check!
7) Paca and N night once a month. Um, no, but I've been doing better about couple time. Just not great.
8) Attend 2 parties/dinners with classmates. No cafeterias can be involved in this. Borderline. I have to count meeting a former classmate for coffee for half an hour and a movie in the conference room with the Psycholinguistics Interest Group. But they were social-esque.
9) Watch Titans win Superbowl. Let's not talk about sports.
10) Spit out that paper on poverty of the stimulus and causation finally. I wrote another 7,000 words this last summer, but it's not resolved. It's basically a philosophy paper, so I've put it on hold again.
11) Pursue 2 of the most worthy research projects from the acquisition class' work. No.... and that's all I have to say about that.
12) Be organized for almost all classes I teach each day. Yeah, I did okay here. I never went in blind.
13) Get B enrolled in some sort of activity. Not really. He's done some stuff, but it was all in the service of child care so that we could work. Non-check.
14) Attend sister's wedding. Completely did this and did it in style. Double check.
15) Work through first Korean language book. Uhhh... no. I was sitting in on a Korean class for about 6 weeks. Then I got the flu and then my dissertation called me. "Hellooo, Pacaaaaa. Write meeeeeee." It does that a lot.

I count that as 7 of 15, using my special math, which puts me right under 50%. If you take out the Titans winning the Superbowl thing, since I technically can't really do that for them, it puts me at exactly 50%, same as last year.


I will come up with 2010 goals in a couple of days. Now off to get that 7 hours of sleep. Or... looking at the time... 4. My bad.


pjd said...

You've still got three days.

I'm off to grade myself on my own resolutions. I may need those three days for the final push...

sylvia said...

Hmm, I suppose I better go look mine up. I've tended towards monthly goals over the past couple of years - easier to follow and less depressing when it doesn't work out. But I'm pretty sure I did a whole list of resolutions too. :/

Courtney said...

u were smoking at ur sister's wedding, i say at least 3 checks for that!!!!

Robin S. said...

Hey- looks like a pretty good effort to me!

Happy New Year, paca!

Robin S. said...

Can we have an "ask Dr.Paca" thing?

I have a question about Southern 'i' usage. I say 'ah' when I use "I". And I pronounce the word 'guy' as 'gahs'. BUT, I pronounce words like 'like' the plain old Northern way.

I don't know why.