Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Pics

In this space I provide unto thee, dear ladies and gentlemen, a wondrous collection of life-like portraits electronik from yon month of December.

Cub Scout Pack before the Kaimuki Christmas Parade (I usually don't post pics that contain other kids, but, since we are always dressing up in uniforms to be in newspapers or on TV, I decided it was okay.)

Here we are, living it up at the 3 hour Cub Scout Christmas bonanza.

Every year, the City and County of Honolulu puts up their huge City Lights display. They pack City Hall, i.e., Honolulu Hale, with Christmas trees, plus lots of displays outside. Here we have some Menehune on a Xmas train.

Over Christmas, the mother-in-law, who's actually a very nice person whom I get along with well (and please notice the use of "whom"), visited for a week and a half. We took our semi-annual Christmas Eve around the island tour. Two years ago, we ate Christmas Eve dinner in some random park in the rain. This year, we first stopped at this beach, which might now be our favorite new beach.

You can see how slowly the beach slopes, making it perfect for little ones.

(For the Hawaii folk who might read, I have forgotten this park's name as I always do (ends with "kahana"). It's up past Ka'a'awa, and a good ways before Lihu'e. When you are driving around the windward side, you get to this sort of inlet, where the road has to go in and around, before heading back out again. It's on the Lihu'e side of that.)

(For the non-Hawaii folk, if you ever do visit Oahu, there are indeed peaceful beaches with only a handful of other people on them, but you have to drive far away from Waikiki. Basically, you will want to go up the Windward side, to the North Shore, but go West from Haleiwa instead of East to the famous surfing spots, or way up the leeward side.)

After lunch at this beach, as is Christmas tradition, it started to rain on us. I, however, was stubborn as a mule and forced everyone to continue up to a beginner's snorkeling beach at the Turtle Bay Resort and went snorkeling as it rained and the sun fell. However, I did manage to see some fish, including the legendary humuhumunukunukapua'a, wedgetail trigger fish, which is the state fish of Hawaii. This is not my pic, but here is a humuhumunukunukuapua'a.

I choose to imagine a team of them pulling a little Santa sleigh.


writtenwyrdd said...

I like that image of the humuhumunukunukapua (did I get that right from memory?) pulling a sleigh. Or perhaps an outrigger?

I found Christmas in Hawaii to be rather odd when I was there, mostly because of the decorated palm trees.

Robin S. said...

Thanks for sharing these!!! Love 'em.