Saturday, February 27, 2010

tsunami 2010

8:21 AM

I'm staying off cell phones, since we're doing fine, so I am using the blog to keep people updated.

I heard of the tsunami warning this morning at about 2:30 AM (Yes, fell asleep on the sofa again; woke up at 2:30.) Tsunami waves have been generated and are expected to arrive at the Big Isle at 11:19 AM Hawaii time; at Oahu at 11:25AM. After waking up N, we decided to go back to sleep and check in the morning.

At 5:30, N woke up and heard they would blow the evacuation sirens at 6:00 AM. In case there were traffic jams, we decided to get up and leave right then. We got the important papers, cans of food, huge thing of water, key stuffed animals, this laptop, the guinea pigs, and all humans in the car right as the siren started. After this we waited in a line for gas, and then waited in a line again at Safeway for some fruit and such. Now we are up on campus, guinea pigs and all.

The most likely scenario is that various waves will come ashore this afternoon and we will head back home some time tonight. However, if there is significant damage in Waikiki, we might be stuck at one of our workplaces tonight. Can only wait and see at this point. There's no point in getting a hotel room because almost all hotels are either in Waikiki or on another beach. I can only think of one on the whole island that doesn't fit that description.

Since we are up here, there should be no risk to us personally. Our apartment is on the first floor of a building in Waikiki. Parts of Waikiki are evacuation zones, though out particular bit is not. So, the water is not supposed to reach our place. However, we decided to be safe than sorry.

Will report again later.

12:36 PM

So far, it appears that small tsunamis did indeed come this way. Places like Hilo Bay (BIg Isle) keep swinging in and out as if the tide were going in and out every 10 minutes. Heard reports of reefs that are normally not seen at this time of day being exposed. Also the canal went down and up and then the wrong way. However, so far, none of the return swells became flooding.

Hope it stays like this way.

4:30 PM.

Left for home again at 2:30. Never got any worse than the above, so all's good. After some chores, I am now either taking a nap or grading papers. Mostly likely I am grading papers and unintentionally taking a nap about 10 minutes in.


Sarah Laurenson said...

Good to hear you are safe and just waiting it out. Thanks for the update!

Hope you enjoy your 'adventure' and nothing happens to your apt.

bunnygirl said...

Glad you're safe, Paca. Update when you can.

Our university never lost power and internet service during and after Hurricane Ike, so I hope your university's services are equally robust. It makes things easier.

Phoenix said...

I've been following the quake and tsunami and aftermath. I'm very happy you and yours are safe.

Your post helped me connect world events a bit for my dad today. He's had a stroke and is a bit disconnected these days, plus it's terribly difficult for him to read now. I fired up his PC and had him read this anyway. He got through it slowly, then asked a lot of questions. He's asked me to keep him posted on your outcome. So, thanks for posting, and so glad things in your area weren't worse.

bunnygirl said...

It looks like Hawaii escaped the worst of it. Yay for you and you family! It's 9:22 Central here and I'm still keeping an eye on Japan

sylvia said...

Glad to hear that the worst of it passed the islands by. I was watching the news last night and thought of you.

Chris Eldin said...

Great news for you guys!!!

Robin S. said...

So glad you and yours are safe and well!!

katze said...

Glad to hear you all came through unscathed. I was thinking of your family this weekend.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Wow, Paca. Glad you're all ok.

Matthew said...

I'm glad you guys are okay.

Anonymous said...

Paca, Thanks for keeping us posted. Smart move to leave - glad all is well. Muffytrue