Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial writing

We did about as traditional of a Memorial Day as one can do. On Sunday, the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts added small flags and leis to each of the 30,000 graves at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, which is inside Punchbowl crater. Then today we ended up at a park grilling up some hot dogs and playing catch.

And that has nothing to do with reading our stories.

(Best. segway. ever.)

For the reading project, I think we've got: fairyhedgehog, sylvia, robin writtenwyrdd, janeyv, Pete, McK, and Aerin. I think I've got everyone on Facebook as well, so I will send a message there. Others are very welcome to join. If I don't know you, I will get to know you.

To keep things simple, let's try: hosting on our own blog and reading our own stuff. Some reasonable size chunk that takes just a few minutes to ready. And let's aim for posting on Friday. That enough time? Then, Sylvia, can you add links to a nice page like you did once before? People can also post there links in comments here.

Let me know if any details left out.


Robin S. said...

Works for me. I'm looking forward to this! It will be so good to hear everybody again.

sylvia said...

Yep, I'll do something that points to all the individual blogs so it's just a central directory. If anyone does have problems hosting a soundfile, they can email it to me and I'll help :)

Peter Dudley said...


Good job with the flags. Any photos?

Merry Monteleone said...

umn... I think I'm in... *ducks and shudders*

But I'm writing long fiction... do I read a chapter? or a section? and then there should be the fun of figuring out how to post it on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm in, although I'm preaching Sunday so I might just practice part of my sermon.

(No, I won't)

pacatrue said...

Hi Merry, first welcome in!

No worries about long fiction. You don't have to read a clearly self-contained chunk like a chapter. Just find a few paragraphs. I think most reading in the past haven't gone much more than 5 minutes and are sometimes shorter.

Techie stuff. I've usually used either just a sound file that I put on my own web site that could host sound files or many of us make YouTube videos. You don't actually have to be in the video to use the sound. Robin has presented us with several lovely table tops during her readings. There' also something called podbean that many others have used. It's just an audio recording, no video, and is a free service.

Robin S. said...

Yep, I tried and failed at Podbean. Wish I could figure it out, but there ya go.

So,tabletops it is. Or decks, or the occasional chair, on a YouTube.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Sorry gang- I hope to be able to participate next time, but I have to teach Randy the Unpronounceable how to nod in High German. And take him to the chocolate factory. Life's rough.

McKoala said...

Mine's up!

pacatrue said...

Motherre is abandoning us for chocolate?!

Makes sense to me.

Merry Monteleone said...

I completely wussed out. I'm going to try to get to it this weekend, though, just to get it up. I'll drop you a line when I do.

Sorry about that.

pacatrue said...

No problem, Merry. I hope you find a chance to make it happen.