Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Report

Sunday, the 20th, was Father's Day here in the U.S. I was able to sleep in a bit, received a nice couple presents from a store, plus two homemade ones, and then went out for breakfast. Woohoo. Afterwards, well...

I splurged. For a long time I've wanted a camera that could go underwater for snorkeling purposes. And so eventually we went down to Best Buy and I spent my graduation present, any extra father's day credits I have, and my birthday present budget from August to purchase a little Fujifilm camera that's certified to 10 feet underwater. I'm a bad man.

Therefore, a few hours later, it was off to Lanikai Beach in Kailua, island of O'ahu. It's a famous beach with white sand and pale blue ocean. It's roughly where Obama vacations when he comes here and rents that multi-million dollar home. However, I had never been, so off we go.

Setting the scene:

It would be nice to say the beach is abandoned except for us, but as you can see, that isn't the case. Still very pretty. (There are such beaches on Oahu, but this ain't one of 'em.)

Here come's 7yo with his kickboard, practicing to look ubercool as a surfing teen. However, right now we are taking swimming lessons from the Y and are in the beginner Polliwog group.

And here's me with the 7yo in action photos. I'm functioning as the midsection flotation device. (And, yes, I have a goatee right now and yes there's some gray in it.)

I don't actually have a real swimshirt like little guy. This is a running shirt from back when I was in better shape. Scratch that. Back when I was exercising. I did walk/run 3 miles on Saturday morning, but that's the first time I've run a mile in a few months.

After various other family play time, I put on the snorkeling gear and headed off. First, let me say it's really weird intentionally putting a digital camera into the ocean. You know what the packaging says, but it just feels wrong. Anyway, I took a series of photos, but none are particularly good. I'm both a beginner snorkeler (snorkeled about 6 times now) and beginner underwater photographer. I've got fish pictures, but all you see are gray fish shapes. Here's some of the coral I was swimming around.

And here's a video that's about 40 seconds long. I won't win any nature photography awards with this video. (Right now the whole video is playing in Firefox, while only the first 13 seconds play in Safari. Not sure what's up.)

After a couple spins out there, for maybe 40 minutes, the sun was headed down. You can see that it's quieter now and the shadows are longer. We jumped back in the car, headed over the mountains, and back into Honolulu.

And, tomorrow, (or today for everyone in the world reading this) is N and my 12th wedding anniversary. It's party central at Paca Headquarters.


Robin S. said...

Just a quick read through this morning - sounds like an excellent Father's Day! Love the pics and the camera idea, Dr. P.

And 7yo sure has grown, huh? I still think of him as 4yo.

Precie said...

Happy Father's Day--looks like it was a fantastic day!

And Happy Anniversary to you and N!

So are you job hunting now?

fairyhedgehog said...

It looks like it was a glorious day. The video worked fine in Chrome.

And happy anniversary for today!

Phoenix said...

I do miss the ocean! Looks like you had a grand time with the not-so-wee one ;o)

The vid worked fine in IE. And hearing you breathe in it was really quite reassuring. I'm looking forward to seeing more fish and coral pix!

And look at you, Mr. Professor-with-a-bit-of-distinguished-gray (or grey for Sylvia) in-your-goatee.

Happy A Day to you and N!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! We celebrated our 12th anniversary last December (wedding date: Dec 24, 1997) Congrats!

The video might not win nature awards, but it was so cool to know you had an actual digital camera down there. It's a calm, soothing bit - very nice.

JaneyV said...

It looks like a fine way to spend father's day. Hubby and I ditched the kids and went to a vintage car exhibition.

Sometimes you need a break from parenting to really appreciate it!

pacatrue said...

@ Robin: Yes, it's rather frightening how big the little guy is getting. He's like the clock for how I'm spending my life.

@ Precie: thanks for the wishes, Precie. Yes, job hunting now and not going well. If you hear of anything, let me know. :)

@ FHH: I still forget Chrome exists. Glad it's all working.

@Phoenix: Undoubtedly, my breathing was quite reassuring to me as well. I'm still quite a novice and have to come up and empty out the snorkel when it fills with water. One day I will get the blow the water out technique down, but not yet.

@ Aerin: Yay, 12th anniversary buddies! Does the 12th anniversary buddy gang sign.

@ JaneyV: vintage cars sounds like a fun way to go as well. We're not very good at ditching the kids yet. I don't think we've pulled off an anniversary dinner yet without 7yo right there. Limits the arrangements.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, we've discussed the parallel lives thing before...12 yrs.

As for the job market, I assume you're on I didn't submit my cv there, but I signed up for weekly e-mails of listings in my field(s) way back when. Wishing you luck!!!