Thursday, June 03, 2010

Reading for June

UPDATE: We have a last minute entry from the one and only Precie! I've added a link to her post below. Definitely worth listening to!

Hi all,

I've got mine up. You may hear a bit of Master Chef Australia in the background, but one records in the conditions one must. This is a .wav file and should play in most any software you've got on your computer, though the file is a good bit bigger than ideal. Let me know if you have trouble hearing it.

This is a bit of the writing I did for Nanowrimo, which is the last fiction writing I have done.


Sylvia is creating a very nice looking set of links here:

And here are links to the other readings that I've gotten so far:

Faerie Hedgehog


sylvia said...

I'm putting together a list here:

Also I found the list from Feb last year so I added that just for fun.

Anyone can view or comment but I've blocked search engines.

If I messed anything up, let me know.

Robin S. said...

Mine's up:

Gotta get ready for work now - back later to have a good listen!

sylvia said...

I'm going to guess the Chinese comment above this isn't a voice post. :D

Here's mine.

sylvia said...

I love Halia, I want to know more! You've created a really interesting world and it's really impressive how you slipped the details to us as you went along. And all three characters feel very real - even through Halia's somewhat biased eyes.

I hope you are going to keep working on this!

JaneyV said...

I'm up now too

I need a cuppa. I will try to get around y'll tonight but if not then deffo first thing in the morning!

sylvia said...

I've added Janey's to the list.

The play button on mine is there but right up at the top edge and hard to spot. Unfortunately, I won't be able to change that until tomorrow.

JaneyV said...

I've just listened to you Paca and I agree with Sylvia about being totally sucked into Halaia's world. Tiny details make the perfect points of contrast to illuminate it.

I hope that you keep going with it - it sounds like a magical place..

Peter Dudley said...

Ha. Interesting! I love that the car is a piece of junk. I am dying to know where mid 23 is (was) and where they're off to. The mom seems a bit mysterious. Well read, and well written.

pacatrue said...

I'm glad everyone can follow it. Last time I shared a bit of my speculative fiction, it was deemed so impenetrable that ril made up a pop quiz for it.

In the current conception, Halia's family is a 23rd century migrant worker family, except they don't harvest food but energy for the Dopp.

Anonymous said...

I heart spec fic, and I think you do it very well, Dr. PacaKaraoke. I think that I slightly (but only slightly) prefer your SingSngap voice to your Reader voice, but what really strikes me is how much less tired you sound than you did the last time we had Readings. Amazing what a PhD can do....!

Anonymous said...

Mine's up

Robin S. said...

Oooh, this is good. I got into this story and wanted to know where the hell the 23 place is/was!
(I still wanna know, by the way.)

So glad you're now Dr. Paca so you can play and write again!!

McKoala said...

Loved the deceptively conversational tone. Loved the family interaction even more...duh, mid 24...made me laugh out loud!

And Ril can put away his quiz pencil, because I could follow the worldbuilding too!

fairyhedgehog said...

I loved how you read that and I loved the car interface!

Mine is rather scrappy but it's up here.

Phoenix said...

So true how family interactions never change! More fiction and less academia now, please. Time to get your priorities straight...

Whirlochre said...

Late in, otherwise I would have participated too.

The chatty style is very engaging — very 'warm' for spec fic.

Will catch up with everyone else later, and hopefully play next time.

Meanwhile, I have 2 extracts up in the NOVEL tab of my blog.

Precie said...

Pssssst...can I play too? It is, after all, summer vacation. :)


fairyhedgehog said...

Precie, that was great. I'm sorry I missed it at first!

If I've missed commenting on anyone else can you please let me know? My browser fell over and I lost some open pages.