Friday, July 16, 2010

my Old Spice voice

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Manly Day Plans

Hello readers,

I've decided to read everything in this, my Old Spice manly voice. I'm sure you will enjoy these entries, because I'm speaking lower, and everything lower is better. Who can resist a man with large flapping vocal cords that move slowly yet in a controlled, sinusoidal manner. The answer: No one. A woman who was not attracted to this voice would be like a baby bird that did not wish to consume the regurgitated remains of a worm from its loving mother. In a single word: Impossible. In two words: not possible. In three words: I always lie.

And so, let us blog.

Today, your manly narrator shall work with his son to finish a movie about those beings only slightly less strong than myself, The Transformers. Perhaps if they consumed all the energon available in the sun, they would be as strong as my right pinky, and that is something for which they should feel blessed. This creative endeavor is to be followed by cooking lunch. Macaroni and cheese shall be served, along with fruit. After this, we plan to wrestle on the bed and then make a poster about nutrition to finish the requirements for the Cub Scout belt loop. Nothing says masculinity like finishing the requirements for the Cub Scout's nutrition belt loop. And after that, oh yes after that. Well. I must remain a man of mystery.

I'm on a horse.


JaneyV said...

Do you have a shell?
In it are there two tickets for that thing I love?

Paca - I do like your manly voice. It's the voice of the man who uses old spice.

The horse suits you.

fairyhedgehog said...

Paca, that was wonderful! You've caught it just right!

Now all we need are the visuals.