Monday, November 22, 2010

Voice Blog - Maintenance

Finally, got the voice blog up. It's a YouTube video as a workaround for audio. You can view my shining face as you listen.

Anyway, this is a little excerpt from a bunch of word dumping I did around 1995. I would have been 21 or 22 then. I was working on my philosophy master's degree then and living in Oxford, MS, and the evidence of this drips from every slip of paper in the folder. Overwrought expositions on the nature of Being, written up as fiction? Check. Dallying with every southern litfic stereotype written? Check.

It's also quite clear that I was interested in this transition from childhood to adulthood at the time. Of course, when I was living it, I did not think of myself as young and unsure of where I fit in the world. I was just the same old me. But, I was in fact precisely a young thang, with an extended education, but not sure how it could be useful to me or anyone else. I assume in 15 years, I will see what I am now more clearly. None of this is to say that my characters were exactly me. They were not. It's just that I was apparently interested in these issues 15 years ago.

I have also, from the time I first put pen to paper around age 12, explored a female point of view when I write, and here I go at it again. Actually, I suppose this little bit is probably a male narrating a female protagonist story.

Anyway, here you go. Me writing at age 21, but I confess the me at 37 couldn't let the worst bits remain and did edit just a wee bit. But it's 95% the same as then. Okay, 90%.


Robin B. said...

"Beauty had come along for the ride..."

Beautifully done, NZ Dr. P. And meaningful.

Phoenix said...

It's also quite clear that I was interested in this transition from childhood to adulthood at the time.

Why yes, I noticed how deeply and thoroughly you explored Holly's tween and teen years before you showed her the (closed) door. The makings of a true philosophical treatise.

Still, I believe I could see the glint of your 37 year-old self peeking through. The man-in-the-boy sort of thing. I like!

pacatrue said...

Well, in my defense, Phoenix, I did have a few more writings than this one about Holly. However, the main character was the stunningly named Sam, Holly's best friend, and the story as it was revolved around the effect of Holly upon Sam.

But, yeah, there's a reason this stuff never got "finished".

fairyhedgehog said...

I liked this and I loved hearing you read it.

I especially liked the contrast between how it looked to everyone else: the world at her feet; and how it looked to Holly: so many expectations that she had to stay exactly as she was.

ril said...

Can't view the video right now, but I have to say I am eternally grateful that I don't have video evidence of a younger me. I'm fine just imagining I was precociously erudite and forgetting about the real dweeb that was (and by and large still is) me. So props to you for putting this "out there", Doc.

Whirlochre said...

This is very sophisticated for 21. I was still making endless knob jokes.

Precie said... still around? I've been out of online commission for quite a while and am finally starting to check out old haunts again. Hope all is well with you and your famiy, Dr. Paca.