Monday, July 01, 2013

Chris Eldin Memoriam

Chris Eldin, aka takoda, aka rhinothongbutt, aka Church Lady, was lost to the world in August of 2012. She was part of a community of authors, editors, and bloggers for several years. Always cherished. Witty, irreverent, and kind.

This is a simple collection of some of the reactions to her passing that have been made publicly. Please notify me of further entries I should be made aware of.

From CornerKick

From Janet Reid

From Evil Editor 1 and Evil Editor 2.

From Stacy Chambers

From Travis Erwin

From Sarah Hina

From Merry

From Precie

From JaneyV

From Sandra Cormier

From JJ Benedictis

From Sarah Laurensen

From Robin

From Stephen Parrish

To be continued...